[Supported since Kublr KCP 1.22.1]

In Kublr 1.22.1 support is introduced for configuring Alertmanager email templates via Kublr cluster specification.

Create custom email template

Create file customemail.tmpl with content like

  {{ define "email.default.subject" }}{{ template "__subject" . }}{{ end }}
  {{ define "SOME_DEFINED_NAME"  }}
  ... Here is your email template ...

Add custom html template as ConfigMap

The next step is to use kubectl to add your custom template as ConfigMap to Kublr namespace:

kubectl create configmap -n kublr email-custom-template --from-file=./customemail.tmpl

Modify cluster spec

The last step is to modify cluster specification (see exmaple below) and push Validate and Update button.

            default_receiver: email
              - fileMask: '*.tmpl'
                name: email-custom-template
            receivers: |
              - name: email
                - to: to_email@example.com
                  from:  from_email@example.com
                  smarthost: SMTP_HOST_ADDRESS
                  auth_username: SMTP_LOGIN
                  auth_identity: SMTP_IDENTITY
                  auth_password: SMTP_PASSWORD
                  html: '{{ template "SOME_DEFINED_NAME" . }}'

Multiple template files may be added in a ConfigMap (with different file names) as well as multiple ConfigMaps can be used.