Tags: vSphere, security, Folders, DataStore

Version: since Kublr 1.24.2



By default Kublr installation on vSphere creates VM and Template Folder named as ${cluster-name} in the folder tree root. All VMs created by Kublr deployment will be stored in this Folder.

Each VM's files are physically stored on a selected DataStore. VSphere stores each VM's files in the DataStore directory named ${cluster-name}{vm-group-name}-{index} in the DataStore root.

Files common for the cluster (e.g. ETCD and ISO disks) are stored in the ${cluster-name} directory in the DataStore root by default.

In some cases users may want or need to change this behavior.

Overriding Default Folders

In Kublr 1.24.2 and later VM folders base path in the VM hierarchy and common cluster files directory path in the DataStore can be customized via baseVcenterFolderPath and baseDataStorePath properties.

Please note: base VM Folder (baseVcenterFolderPath) must exist in vCenter before cluster can be created by Kublr!

    - name: vsp
        baseDataStorePath: foo/bar1/
        baseVcenterFolderPath: bar/foo2/

Based on this specification all VMs will be put into foo/bar1/${cluster-name} VM Folder.

Common cluster files (ETDC disks and ISO images), will be stored in DataStore:bar/foo2/${cluster-name} directory.

Please note: Only common cluster files may be redirected to a different DataStore location.

Files specific to each individual VM will still be stored in a separate directories in the DataStore root due to vSphere and Terraform limitations.