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The Kublr Seeder component is a most static and stability service, write on Go language and provides functionality for downloading and installation main Kublr agent on cluster nodes. This service should be installed once on each node as system.d daemon and have one task: reconcile Kublr agent confguration from secret storage and watch to kublr system.d service.

In most cases this system.d service don't need to update or reinstall, and you can use kublr-seeder v1.17.0 in Kublr cluster v1.26.1 for examaple.

Based on memory leak issue in the Kublr Agents caused by client-go v0.26.0,  you will need to Kublr seeder replacement.

Please follow this instruction, if your Kublr Seeder versions in 1.25.6-4, 1.25.6-5, 1.24.9-4, 1.24.9-5, 1.23.15-4, 1.23.15-5, 1.22.17-4, 1.22.17-5, 1.22.17-6, 1.22.17-7, 1.21.14-22, 1.21.14-23

1. Upgrade your Kublr Controlplane to v1.25.4 or above

2. Modify cluster specification to use correct Seeder version:

    kublrAgentRef: 1.25.9-13

3. Go to Cloud console and terminate impacted nodes one by one